Terms & Conditions

What is Term and Conditions in Reseller Hosting?

Basically Terms & Conditions are specially designed to aware our clients with some specific rule and regulations to use our reseller hosting services. In this page we will briefly explain about our best reseller hosting Rules and Conditions. Use of Reseller Hosting from resellerslot you have to follow these terms and conditions. We have all rights to change our terms & conditions at anytime so we recommend our all clients to review our term & conditions once at every the end of every month.

How I can Ask a Question about this Terms?

If you have any Question regarding our any services or Term & conditions then fell free to contact us via email at info@resellerslot.com or call us at +92-336-447-5528 or +92-423-578-1666.

Service Agreement

Before signup with Resellerslot we recommend you all to review our Reseller Service Agreement at once. Our contact our Sales Department to know about Agreement.

Last Updated: 19 December 2014.

ResellerSlot have all rights to add client's info on their clients database and also have rights to hide their data from outer world or release their data to security agencies in any unlawful means. So you have to follow some serious rules and regulations will uploading websites on our reseller accounts. Your uploaded material should not be against any countries law and rules. Pornography and sex-related merchandising are prohibited in Reseller Hosting Resellers, So if we found that you are not following our terms and services then we have all rights to suspend your services at anytime without refund your money. You also have to follow some rule while adding content on your website, Before adding content on your website please keep following things in your mind:

Non-acceptable content on Our Resellers!

  • Pornography
  • Email Spamming
  • Pirated Softwares
  • Content Against Any country Laws
  • Political Movements
  • Some Copyright Materials
  • MP3 and Video (copyrights)
  • All such type of content which harmful for someone or any nation like bomb making content, weapons information etc, will suspend without any notifications.

Copyright Violations

Now every country's government took some serious steps to stop Copyright Violations. So before adding some content or any material from other website just review Copyright Violation Acts at once. We have rights to suspend your account if some one proof that your are using Copied things on your website or reseller account.

Backups for Reseller

ResellerSlot auto Generated Weekly Backups are only for our administrative purpose and we never provide you guarantee to store your most recent backups. That's why we recommend our all customers, that at the end when they complete their website, they have to save a backup on their own system or PC. So in any case of lose of your personal data you can not blame us because your website is your authority so its all on you to manage your website backups.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

We are providing 30 days money back guarantee with our Reseller Hosting Plans. Our 30 days mean 30 days and it will start as soon a your account has activate by us. You can claim for money within 30 days after activation of your account. We will not refund money for your domain registration, for purchasing WHMCS account with Licence and for our Domain reseller hosting plan. In additional you have to provide some solid reason to move from our service to get your money back, and if I found that you are unfollow our Terms and Conditions then we will never refund your money.

Bandwidth and Server Resource Usage

If your reseller Hosting plan exceeding the limits of your provided Bandwidth and Server resources, then we will suspend your account immediately without sent you any email or contact you. So if your account has been suspended by us due to Server Resource Usage then we will recommend you to upgrade your package immediately..

Server and Support Abuse

We are providing 24/7 free technical support with well educated, well experienced and friendly staff. So we will never bear abusive language from any client. We deal our clients with full respect and manners and we also expect same thing from our beloved clients. But if some of our representative or support member notify us that you are using abusive language and going rude with him/her, So we will suspend that client's account immediately and never un-suspend and request them to find some other hosting company within 7 days..

Payment And Invoice

We will never create or renew any client's account without payment, So to get our services you have to pay first. After confirmation of payment we will provide your account details and you reseller hosting to you within 24 hours. You also have to demand an invoice after sending us payment, to keep your transaction records and to save yourself from any payment related issues. If you can not get your invoice physically then you have to demand for an e-invoice.